Hymnal Committee Meeting

The first meeting of the task force on hymnals took place on July 16. The purpose of this group is to agree on a proposal for hymnals for our congregation for the long term. Our current practice is to use the red “Hymns of the Spirit” supplemented by the grey “Singing The Living Tradition.”
We discussed some general guidelines for hymnals followed by a brainstorming session on some possible options. There was a general consensus on the following suggested guidelines:

1. Keep singing our traditional hymns from the red hymnal with updated and inclusive language.
2. Use hymns that reflect our liberal Christian theology and tradition.
3. Include Psalm based hymns.
4. Use hymnals that include liturgical materials for the year and for special services.
5. Use hymnals with large print that are piano and organ compatible.
6. Try to represent our UU tradition as well as using contemporary works that have artistic and theological merit.
Following are some of the options suggested:
1. Keep current red hymnal. Vote on making the grey hymnal permanent and use supplements.
2. Publish our own hymnal drawing on the work of Richard Hurst, and in collaboration with other like minded groups such as King’s Chapel; Unitarians
in UK; UU Christian Fellowship; and American Unitarian Conference. Obtain funding for this project from Veatch Fund.
3. Consider other hymnals such as British Unitarian, other Christian denominations, or independent publishing houses.
The hymnal task force will meet again after the service on Sept. 10. Please give your suggestions and feedback to Perry King, chair. (Perikine @ yahoo.com)