A Joyful Path!

At UNMC. we offer Children’s Religious Education with this great curriculum from ProgressiveChristianity.org. The class for kids 6-10 is meeting once a month. Perhaps you know a family who would like to introduce the idea of spiritual life to their children in an inclusive, non-dogmatic way that honors the teachings and path of Jesus?



October 16th: Lesson 31: “A Choice” (Willingness)

Affirmation: My heart and my hands are willing and ready to try.


November 6th: Lesson 32: “One Love” (Inclusion)

Affirmation: The spirit within me is the One Spirit that lives in all.


December 4th: Lesson 33: “Are Two Words Enough?” (Expressing Gratitude)

Affirmation: I give thanks to every giver and to the One Source of all that is.