The UNMC Campaign Trail

Today ends the campaign to identify a new ministry team at Universalist National Memorial Church (UNMC). Today starts the two-week transitional period when Crystal Lewis and David Gatton begin their transition into administrative and ministerial roles. Leila Chamberlain and Rev. Dr. Jim Morgan will lead the transition, but board, lay leaders, committee members, congregation members and friends can expect emails, phone calls, meetings, and letters in the near future to develop UNMCs strategies for success campaign trail.

Success means a lot of things: successful ministry, congregational growth, a building that doesn’t leak and is cool in summer and warm in winter, vibrant music and programming, community outreach, participation locally and “universally” in issues important to the congregation and Unitarian Universalism.

Success also means finding gifts, grants, and funding to ensure the “universally important”. We are going to ask every person connected to UNMC to consider 1) whether they should be listed as a member or friend in our membership book and directory, 2) to ask for $60 or more from each member to cover Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) 2013-2014 dues, and 3) to begin work on a major capital campaign to ensure that we can continue the major work that needs to be done on the building and to ensure that strategies for success can be funded. Paying UUA dues will allow us to apply for funding grants from the UUA. Many local congregations have received sizeable grants in recent years. Information about Chalice Lighter and Veatch Foundation grants are posted on the UNMC bulletin board and can be visited at

It is also helpful to have “Chalice Lighters” within the congregation. To be a chalice lighter, one must sign up (through your UUA district) to give at least $20, three times a year, when you receive a chalice lighter phone call.

We are a small congregation with big ideas. We live in a region known for successful campaigns. We CAN turn our dreams into realities. Contact any board member with ideas or to volunteer to help, and please give/send UUA funds to UNMC by June 30th.

Respectfully submitted by Donna Simonton on behalf of the UNMC Board of Trustees and the UNMC Ministerial Search Committee.