Declaration of Faith

Who Are We?
We are a liberal, Universalist Christian church–
liberal in that we have no creedal test for membership,
Universalist in our belief in the final harmony of all souls with God,
and Christian in that our mission is to create a loving community
for worship and service in the spirit of Jesus Christ.
We are a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).

The following free-will Declaration of Faith was adopted by the congregation in 2008:

In faith and freedom, we are called…

to bring hope and healing to the world

so that all may rejoice in God’s grace.

I believe in…

the universal love of God

the spiritual authority and leadership of Jesus Christ

the trustworthiness of the Bible as a source of divine revelation

the need for repentance and forgiveness of sin

and the final harmony of all souls with God.