We Honor Your Path

We are a spiritually diverse congregation of people who seek to join faith and reason as we encounter God together. We acknowledge that each person’s religious beliefs (or their choice not to believe) are outgrowths of culture, conscience and experience. We share a belief within our community that religious journeys are deeply personal and worthy of respect.

While we at UNMC are committed as a congregation to maintaining the centrality of Jesus’ teachings as a source for guidance and inspiration, we are also committed to honoring the individual experience of each person within that context. Therefore, we are a congregation of Unitarians and Trinitarians, believers and non-believers, people for whom Christianity and/or Unitarian Universalism is the only religion and people who practice interspirituality (a mixture of religions).

When it comes to churches, ours is one where exploration is encouraged, boundaries are challenged and growth is inevitable. We invite you to join your journey with ours at one of our services in the near future.

We gather together each week on Sunday at 11:00 a.m., and we hope to see you when we gather again!