How to Join

Joining Universalist National Memorial Church is a straight-forward process. Our by-laws specify

Any person who has been confirmed in Christian fellowship by the Pastor of this Church or by some minister authorized to act in such matters for it, or who has been received into fellowship by letter from some other Church, shall be enrolled in the membership of this Church on signing the Bylaws in the membership book provided for that purpose.

This “confirmation” is accomplished by receiving the “right hand of fellowship” from a Co-Ministry Leader or Head Deacon in a simple ceremony during a service of public worship. Alternately, you can request a letter of transfer from another church, if applicable. Thereafter, you will be invited to sign the membership book and be greeted by your fellow members!

To prepare for membership, to understand its benefits and responsibilities, and to ask questions, there are Inquirers’ Classes several times a year. (Standing members, friends of the church, and the simply curious are also welcome to attend the class.) Times and dates for the class will be published in the newsletter and on this website.

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